I want you to have the perfect ceremony for your wedding, whether you're having the wedding of the year at a fabulous venue with all of your family and friends, a quiet garden ceremony or anything that comes in between. 

Every ceremony I write is unique, I write it in conjunction with you, and I make sure it is perfect for both of you.  

My basic fee includes the following; travel and accommodation costs can be discussed as required for weddings outside of the Waipa District.

  • Initial face to face meeting or Zoom / FaceTime if you are out of the Waipa District
  • This is an opportunity for me to find out more about both of you, information that I can use to write your ceremony, and the vision that you have for your ceremony and wedding day
  • I'll advise you what your responsibilities are i.e. ordering the marriage licence, venue etc.
  • Ceremony writing
  • From the information you provide I will write your unique ceremony, once it is drafted I will email you a copy to review. You can add/delete/amend where necessary and we will work together until we have the perfect ceremony for both of you.
  • To be legally married in New Zealand is as simple a saying "I XX take you ZZ to be my wife/husband or words to that effect, but most couples like to follow this with their own personal vows, this is your opportunity to tell your partner how much you love them, your plans for the future together, what you love about them or what they do that annoys you! They can be as long or as short as you want to make them and I'm here to support if you need a helping hand.
  • Second face to face meeting
  • I like to do this close to the wedding day, it gives us an opportunity to go over everything and make sure we have all of the i's dotted and the t's crossed.
  • Rehearsal
  • Usually we try and do this at the venue and it's great if we can get all or most of the bridal party along. We rehearse the whole ceremony, including the music to walk in to and out, where to stand, where to sign the licence etc. that way when we get there on the big day we all know what we are doing.
  • The Wedding Day
  • I will arrive at the venue approx. 1 hour before the ceremony is due to start, I'll catch up with the people involved in the ceremony, venue manager, photographer, MC etc.
  • I will deliver your ceremony exactly as we have planned, weddings are to be enjoyed so I'll keep it light but sincere.
  • After the service I will hand over your copy of the licence to you or whoever you have designated and I will manage the legal part of notifying the Registrar.
  • Communication
  • You can email or phone me as often as you need to through this process

Additional Services

  • MC - I'm experienced and comfortable speaking in public and I'm happy to talk further if your require an MC for your wedding
  • Event Services - I am an experienced Event Manager, so if you need a hand with the planning of your wedding I'm happy to discuss how I can help